The unexpected trip to Botswana

One of the beauties of vagabonding is the freedom to say yes to unexpected adventures, on short notice. I love this freedom

It sometimes means you have to give up on the original plan, and reframe your mind - and figure out what is more worth to you. Especially in this creative business. What can this new opportunity give me, that the original plan can´t?! And vice verca. The decision seemed like a no-brainer, but it is still important to weigh for and against. Then you have a better idea on what you might give up on, and, like I did, found that the opportunity had the potential to give me way more than my original plan.

So, I confirmed the no-brainer, said yes on a 2 week notice and packed my bags. Ready for 2 full months in the bush of Botswana.

There was no solid plan, but a small hint of a possible promo-video gig, and some photography work. Great! I didn’t have any hopes of either, but they would be good additions to my bank account. In any case, I would spend much less there, and do loads of photo and video either way.

It also meant plenty of time to contemplate about what I am going to do. Where to put my focus! So far this year I have been flinging myself towards unplanned adventures left, right and center, without any strategy of producing anything. Notebooks are full of ideas in sharp contrast of each other. So many thoughts, so much I would like to do. At the end of my 5 month trip in South America I was exhausted. Not so much from the travel itself, but from the continuous brainstorming on how to find a path in this jungle of ideas.

Left in a creative vacuum, not feeling too good about it all - 2 month digital detox (almost) in Botswana, to develop a few concepts without spreading myself thin, seemed like a good idea. 

Off I went. 

Heres the first video, check it out and subscribe to my adventure.

See you on the road