This is the first blog-post.


I thought I would write a travel blog. About how nice these different places I visit are. What to do there, tips and tricks, add a few appealing photos, maybe with me in them, blatantly displaying the ivories in a picture-perfect Colgate smile - portraying how “perfect” everything is, travelling full-time. 


The colgate smile, for those with limited imagination.

The colgate smile, for those with limited imagination.

Fuck that.


Didn’t feel it, and where is the originality? I am too honest to portray an instagrammable perfect world of full-time travel. Besides that leaves very little room for sarcasm, irony, my sometimes dark humour, shenanigans and other adventures, that I hold so dear. Instead this will be a space where I share my take on things, perspectives, ideas, how I do what I do. Whatever that might be. And how I perceive this life on the road as a digital vagabond.


Welcome to the roller-coaster of my mind, perspectives, ideas, and how I see things.


Ive written loads and loads of drafts for articles, but sharing those… It feels uncomfortable, as I feel like im sticking my head above the metaphorical parapet of the fortress that is my ego, with an army of musketeers ready to fire at me from the outside world.


The internet can be a scary place.


And that is the truth, when you expose yourself. But people also like to see some reality, I think. Or at least I like some reality and honesty, in this online world of picture perfect. So ill stick with that, and write about already mentioned topics.


Some of it might interest you, make you happy, think, inspire you, delight you, disgust you, or just make you feel something. I have no idea. But ill share.


That was the intro.


5 - five months on the road in South America is coming to an end. 


It has been a blast, ups, downs, loads of new ideas, exhausting at times, but never dull. Im broke, but fulfilled. This trip has taught me some very important lessons.


Now what?


Sometimes I miss the comforts a normal job. A regular group of friends around me, family, a proper squatting rack, my own bed as opposed to sleeping in a dorm with 12 other people - loud snorers, others sneaking in girl - or boyfriends for the night, and the nightly activities that comes with it, at 5 o’clock in the morning. 


I might also be guilty here, but still. The comforts and luxury of your own place, and your own space and your own bed… 


I get the odd moment of wishing myself to that place. But that also mean me being tied up in one place. And then my itch start to scratch again - all I want to do is go back to the road. 


It boils down to this; Do I want my freedom with a tight budget, or do I want comfort and a bit of luxury, but also being tied up for 40 hours every week in a 9-5? Looking at it like that, I choose freedom on a budget, any day of the week. 


Even though I call myself lazy, lacking structure, sometimes wondering what the fuck I am doing, living in hostel dorms, at times not being able to afford my morning coffee (hostels with free coffee are great)… I can see my progress looking back at these 5 months. Maybe I am too hard on myself? I have done and created a lot these 5 months, and for that I am proud.


I am getting there. After some initial setbacks, confusion, feelings of helplessness and hitchhiking across borders in blistering heat due to lack of money… I am getting there. 


I am moving forward! Even if the direction is not clear as crystal.


The thing about moving forward - it is so much easier to change direction and alter your course when you are in motion as opposed to when you are standing still. 


You might think you have a clear direction with what you want to do. But until you start moving in that direction, you won’t really know for sure. Feel me?


I have altered course several times, accepting that change will come time and time again. At first it was difficult, because I was so fixed on this ONE thing I thought I wanted to do. So accepting that, and changing direction made me enjoy the ride more, and freeing up head-space to be more creative instead of beating myself up for doing something that didn’t feel quite right after all. 


I am moving forward, and that feels good. And I will continue to explore this life as a digital vagabond.


See you on the road.