Link to the video is below, if you are more a visual person. Here is a more detailed version of why I chose to go to Iran.

NAQSH e JAHAN-1098043.jpg

Iran?!? Are you mad?!

That was the initial reaction I got when telling people I was going to spend a month in Iran for photography, start a very exciting photoproject, and to see what it was really like there.

What I enjoy most about travel is to explore new places, different places, and places like Iran with a (undeserved) bad reputation from what we see in the media

The best way to find out how it really is…. You guessed it - it is to go there and see for yourself.

Advices against going there are mostly well-meaning, I know that. But those pieces of advice were useless to me, as it came from people that had never been themselves.

Time and time again, I have proven such advice wrong, and I was set on doing the same again. 

And I needed a mission! 

So my mission was to capture everyday life through street photography, street portraits and make some sort of film about Iran and my experience there!

So here we go - off to Iran!

Check out the video below from my YouTube channel to see how this adventure unfolds here: