If you are more a VISUAL person, you might enjoy my YouTube video about the first week on my street photography mission in Iran. The link is below this post

Here is a more detailed version, and my thoughts on the project so far.

My goals travelling to Iran was to get good street-photos, street portraits and talk to people, to find out what it is really like there. Away from the murky mist and biased visuals that comes from the media.

When I have given myself a mission while travelling, I start with a sprint. I forget to eat and sleep. Im up early, and in bed late. Burning the candle at both ends.

Basically I started the Iran street photo-project marathon with a sprint. So after the first week spent in Tehran, I was exhausted and har to take some days off. The creative mojo just wasnt there, and I felt no joy regarding the project.

This isnt good. But Ive been there before, and I quickly reeled myself in, took a few days to just enjoy myself in a small city called Yazd - away from the fuzz and buzz of a big city like Tehran. Big hectic cities like that easily drains me, so getting out of there was a good idea that should have happened much sooner.

Anyway. Iran! Iran is a heaven for street-photography. There is so much going on, big old markets, the bazaars, ancient exotic architecture, wonderful people and everything in between. A wealth of culture and interesting places.

I thought Tehran was the place to be for street-photography, but I was wrong. 6 days there was too much, and you can easily find just as good, if not better places for street-photography in the smaller, quieter towns and cities between the bigger cities.

For the project, I think I had a good start, despite the initial feeling of failure after this first week. But zooming out a bit, and examining the photos I saw that I got some good ones.

A good start!

And the lesson learned; Go slower, take a few days rest from time to time and keep a steady pace. This is after all what I am doing full-time (travelling), so no use for me to risk a burnout.

I post most of the pictures on my instagram so check me out there - and when im done, the very best will go in an album here on my page.

And here is the Vlog update with some more photos and what it looks like there.


IRAN street photography project summary from week one