After nearly 3 weeks, NOT heeding my own advice, constantly shooting, filming and creating stuff instead, I hit the wall.

If you would rather see my YouTube video update, click HERE. The video is also linked, after this short and sweet blogpost.

From Khaju bridge in Isfahan

From Khaju bridge in Isfahan

I am definitely, from now, going to take this more seriously. Taking some time off a project, to replenish the creative energy, relax, enjoy the place im in an rejuvenate myself. 

This is so important!

And now was that time. No shooting, just chilling.

I also got to look over what I got so far (it is easy to forget a lot of the stuff you photography when you shoot thousands of photos in a few weeks). And I got quite a few images I’m happy with. 

But yeah, relaxing for a few days on Hormuz island was a great idea. Away from the fuzz and buzz of busy streets, and the computer screen. Every day had been shoot shoot shoot, download, sort images, sleep repeat. Not very healthy for a longer period of time.


Hormuz island is south in Iran, in the Persian Gulf - it is very chill, not at all touristy, and I felt we had the whole island almost to ourselves. It has very interesting landscapes and coast - a place id love to go back to just for time lapsing. I did get a few time lapses there though. 

Right - after a few days I headed up to Shiraz, got a bit too comfortable, and was very lazy, mostly editing photos id got so far, doing very little. 

Felt like I had lost my creative mojo, so I had to get my act together to get the most of my last few days in the country. I think that is what forgetting to schedule in off days does. When you finally crash, you take one too many days off, and you loose momentum a bit. Instead of having 1 day off a couple of days a week. Its almost like training. You don’t want to overtrain, but you dont want too long pause between sessions. 

I guess?!

I couldn’t afford spilling any more time. Still one more week left, and sure, I had many good images, but still a lot left to do!

Did not feel like it at all. But I had to push through. 

Ok, here is a video with more pictures and a nice time-lapse at the end. Check it out!

See you on the road.